WiFi Power Bar 5ft Smart Power Strip

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Do you have more than a few household devices that can be turned on and off by your voice?

Smart Power Strip Convenient and safely life

Ready for the Smart Home Era

The TECKIN Smart Multiple Outlets allows you to create customized schedules for your appliances so that they run on your schedule. You’ll find that automating your devices will help streamline your daily routine for a more efficient household.

Know about the Smart Life APP

Step 1: Search “Smart Life” on App Store, Google Play or Scan the QR code on User Manual to download and install it.

Step 2:Connect the Smart power strip to your local 2.4G WIFI with your phone connecting to it.

Step 3:Set up your Smart Life account.

Step 4:Plug TECKIN smart strip into an AC outlet.

Step 5:Add Device>Multiple Socket and confirm the device in the App.

Step 6:Easy Mode or AP Mode(Long press on/off button of the device for about 5 seconds).

Step 7:Schedule your appliances.

Share Smart Life

Can share the smart power strip with your family by sharing the device. The TECKIN Smart Multiple Outlets made you and your family relationships even more intimate. Convenient smart power strip makes you happy every day.

Set Schedules / Timer

You can use the free app(Smart Life App) to create schedules / Timer / Countdown for connected electronics based on your time routines.

Scheduling also helps lower your electricity bill by keeping power-hungry devices off when they are not needed.

Safely Design

UL approved wire,5-In-1 Powerful Push-to-Reset Circuit Breaker, be made of special ABS retardant polymer, with Overload Protection Function will cut off the power to keep your house safety and far away from the risk.