Qi Wireless Charging Pad

$4.89 + $4.79 shipping Even with the shipping this is a great price. Grab a couple so you can have one at work and at home. Description: Qi Standard Input:DC5V/2A Efficiency:>72% Input:DC5V/2A Efficiency:>72% Transmission Distance:0-10mm(The optimal 3.5mm) Product size:10010010mm Features: It chargers the mobile phone without the phone cable The waterproof design are safely for using […]

12V Portable Air Compressor

$10.00 with code 9XNRBQ52 I have a mid sized air compressor and it’s such a pain to turn it on, drag it to the street and pump up low tires. I want this just for the convenience. GOOLOO 300 PSI Air Compressor which is the ideal to inflate flat tires ensures you have a safe […]

KYOKU Daimyo Chef 8″ Knife

$99.99 If I was more confident as a cook. I’d splurge and get this for myself. I mean, look at it. It’s beautiful. A joy to wield and ruthlessly sharp, Kyoku Daimyo Series knives instantly become a natural extension of you and your skills. They work alongside you, day in and day out, making you more effective, more […]

Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat

$95.00 from $129.99 (save 20% more w/ coupon click) The jump to a smart thermostat is dropping in price. This is a normal looking thermostat that works with all the smart home assistants. Features: Named the ‘Best Value’ smart thermostat of 2017, 2018 and 2019 by USA Today’s Reviewed.com SAVE ABOUT 23% ON HVAC ENERGY […]

Spy Camera Charger HD 1080P

$32.99 from 39.99 I would not spot this in an average home. It’s such a common site. So well hidden. This camera works without any networks, it means: this camera doesn’t have a “live video” feature. You can’t see live video from your phone. The easiest way to protect your home and your business. Use the […]

Bug-A-Salt 2.0

$35.65 I know what I want for Fathers Day. A little expensive for a toy, or is it? The BUG-A-SALT 2.0 is the most powerful, efficient BUG-A-SALT designed yet. The Bug-A-Salt shoots a shotgun spray of regular table salt and decimates flies on contact. A surefire fun way to enjoy a disgusting task. Rid your […]

3.1A USB Outlet (2 Pack)

$19.99 I bought one of these for 27 bucks and still use it daily. Two for under 20 is quite the price drop. The TOPGREENER TU2153A is a wall outlet with USB ports. The dual USB ports reach up to 3.1A combined, which is enough to charge your daily electronic devices. Make charging fast, easy, […]

Ryobi Starter Kit

$99.00 from $163.00 I bought my first tool set from Ryobi when they first started as a company. I liked the all in one battery use for all the tools, other companies followed suit. I’m glad they are still around and kickin’. RYOBI introduces the 18-Volt ONE+ Lithium-Ion LITHIUM+ Battery Starter Kit with (2) 3.0 […]

Smart 6-Zone WiFi Sprinkler Controller

$79.99 from $119.98 This smart home stuff can get pretty addicting. There’s a 12-zone option on sale also if you’ve got acres to water. Netro Sprite Smart 6-Zone WiFi Sprinkler Controller, Weather aware, Remote control, Compatible with Alexa and Google Home Why Netro Netro is designed for effortless use in residential irrigation. It helps to […]

Short Power Extension Cord (10 Pack)

$17.99 from $21.99 It’s super frustrating to have an surge protector and not be able to use all the plugs because of that one monster adapter. Here’s a simple and inexpensive solution. Get total customization by plugging multiple 1-foot cords together to reach farther, or simply use one 1-foot cord at a time. Built with […]