Smart TV Backlight Work

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Voice Control

Various Control Modes: by Alexa/Google Home,by APP, by Controller.With voice control you can turn on/off the light strip, change color, adjust brightness, really hands-free.

Sync to Music

LED light strip can activate by music beats,enhance your game playing experience.

Brighter and Colorful

Backlight your TV orcomputer. Enhance your viewing experience and reduce your eyes fatigue.

Small Controller

Built-in microphone and you can press the button to change color.

Can be Cut

The Smart LED Strip Light can be cut along the cut-line. But, please note that after you cut it into two pieces, you will need a second controller to control another strip light.

Attention to Anode and Cathode

Please pay attention to connect Anode and Cathode correctly. On the top of the controller, there are two symbols “+”“-”which means Anode and Cathode.


Please be aware of the LED lights are waterproof, but the the controller is not waterproof. Therefore, please keep the controller in a dry place with low humidity.