Smart 6-Zone WiFi Sprinkler Controller

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$79.99 from $119.98

This smart home stuff can get pretty addicting. There’s a 12-zone option on sale also if you’ve got acres to water.

Netro Sprite Smart 6-Zone WiFi Sprinkler Controller, Weather aware, Remote control, Compatible with Alexa and Google Home

Why Netro

Netro is designed for effortless use in residential irrigation. It helps to reduce unnecessary water usage and keeps your garden healthy. Unlike the existing smart watering systems which require users to manually setup or tune their systems, Netro schedules itself completely. Netro knows how much water your plants need and the best way to water them. You can completely rely on Netro and enjoy your saved time. Netro Sprite works with all sprinkler systems.

Auto Schedule

Fully Automatic
No more confusing buttons and programming. Netro continuously adapts to local weather and season changes, automatically optimizing watering schedules.

Netro learns from your interactions with the Netro App and builds a personalized schedule for your garden.

Watering Restrictions
No more violations. Netro automatically comply with your local water conservation regulations.

Smart Watering for every homeowner
Featured with a simple, clean and modern design, Netro Sprite is the watering technology for every home.  

A.I. Watering Expert

Water technologies saving up to 50%
Netro’s advanced watering algorithms waters your garden when evaporation is minimal. Netro prevents runoffs by breaking long watering cycles into smaller ones to make water infiltrate the root zones.

Healthier Lawn
Netro’s proven irrigation science create accurate schedules that promote deep root growth, reduce watering frequency and draw more oxygen into the roots, leading to a lusher landscape.

Plants and Sprinkler Protection
Netro safeguards your plants and your sprinkler system. Netro prevents watering under improper temperature and night watering, frequently the cause of soggy lawns which attract disease.

Plant Library
With over 1000 common species (more on the way) in the Netro Plant Database, your watering schedules are customized to the particular needs of your yard.

Easy to install
Install or replace your current controller in 15 minutes.  No special tools or expertise required.

Up to 6 zones + master valve

Magnetic cover
Special magnetic cover allows easy access to the wiring for power and control signal

Strong Wi-Fi reception
Connects with your home Wi-Fi network stably with enhanced 2.4G antenna 

Netro App – Your garden is in your hand

  • Control and monitor your irrigation system remotely from anywhere
  • View and adjust the watering schedules intuitively in a calendar view
  • Monitor your water usage and saving
  • Smart watering and traditional programs
  • Works on phones/tablets (iOS 8.3+ or  Android 5.0+)

Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
You can simply ask Alexa or Google Home to start and stop watering your garden