Pioneer 3D NAND Internal SSD 480 GB

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$50.99 from $62.99

Not a normal brand name you hear from SSD hard drives but damn if that ain’t a great price.

3D NAND Flash for Greater Endurance and Power Efficiency

Powered by 3D NAND Flash, which delivered a better performance and reliability. Pioneer APS-SL3 solid state drive upgraded your computers with ultra-high speed and efficient power saving.

Brings in Ultra-fast Start-Up, Shutdown, and Response Times

Pioneer’s internal SSD will definitely provide you with the best user experience. It supports a variety of PC/laptop upgrades with a ultra-fast Read speed (520 MB/s) and Write speed (240 GB up to 400 MB/s, 480 GB up to 450 MB/s), which is 4 times higher than the traditional HDD.

Advanced Self-Monitoring and Correction Systems Enhanced Your Computer Experience

Pioneer’s internal SSD supports multiple advanced techniques such as garbage collection, S.M.A.R.T self-monitoring, and LPDC error correction techniques, ensuring data secure and stability.

Perfect Upgrade for Gaming, Business, and Other Uses on Mainstream PCs and Laptops

The Pioneer APS-SL3 has a 3 year or 360TBW (Terabytes Written) lifetime warranty, which equates to a 70 GB daily read/write workload. Not only regular users but also gamers can benefit from the high-end endurance and performance.