Damascus Chef Knife

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What Makes Kyoku Stand Out?

  • Scalpel like sharpness with staggering 8-12°per side, effortlessly sail through culinary challenges
  • The tapered bolster gives a perfect balance between controlling and finger protection, encouraging a natural and comfortable pinch grip
  • 67-layer Damascus sharpened following the ancient 3-step Honbazuke approach and married to bleeding edge technique
  • Kyoku Daimyo Series Tsunami rose blade pattern for elevated beauty
  • Amazing edge retention at 58-60 hardness

A Closer Look at VG-10 Steel

VG10 steel is produced in Japan, and it is the Japanese cutlery market that has traditionally made the most use of this particular type of steel in its knives.

Because of how well VG10 holds an edge and its ability to withstand rust, VG10 has became the most popular steel for professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts.

  • VG-10 is only produced in Japan, and it the insanely high requirements in the Japanese cutlery market that perfected this particular type of steel in knives.
  • VG-10 has become the most popular steel because of the amazing ability VG-10 holds an edge and withstands rust.
  • VG-10 also features amazing custom features as a result during temperament, so every blade is unique. If you are searching for a premium knife, consider going with.
  • VG-10 as it is sharp, durable and stunning, it is not cheap, but will outperform and outlast the competition.