Coleman 5’9″ x 2’2″ Hot Tub

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$297.00 from $387.60

I’m not a fan of taking hot baths with my friends but if you’re into it. This is a great deal.

The SaluSpa™ Tahiti AirJet™ is a 4-person inflatable hot tub that blends affordability with luxurious features. The Tahiti AirJet is quickly set up directly out of the box with no additional tools required. This tub holds 669 L (2532 gal.) of water at the recommended capacity, and warms up to the max temperature of 40-degree C (104-degrees F) at about 2-degrees C (4-degrees F) per hour. The spa is equipped with 81 air jets that propel water from the bottom of the tub for a soothing and relaxing experience. The most compelling feature of this spa is the built-in LED light system. Built-in LED lights alternate between seven shades of blue, green and red. At night, these lights beautifully illuminate the water for an enhanced experience. An integrated water filtration system and ChemConnect™ dispenser make maintenance a breeze. The Tahiti AirJet pool liner is a lively mosaic print with a soft, insulated floor. The outer walls are Tritech™. A reinforced material with a polyester mesh core that’s encased in laminated high gauge material. Tritech provides superior durability and comfort as compared to traditional PVC. For convenience, a digital control panel manages the heating system and water pump. The base of the tub has a drain valve, and there’s an added exhaust fitting for faster draining. When empty, the spa can be moved with the two easy-lift handles. Cutting-edge features and convenient perks don’t take away from product safety or durability. The spa and pump are both stress-tested to ensure longevity. The heating system is automatically controlled so you won’t waste power. A ground fault detection system is in place to prevent any electrical issues. Lastly, there’s a reinforced cover with safety clips so the tub is locked when not in use.

  • Fits 4 adults

  • 669 gal. (2532 L) capacity

  • Tritech material and built-in LED lights

  • Built-in AirJet™ system with 81 air jets