12V Portable Air Compressor

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I have a mid sized air compressor and it’s such a pain to turn it on, drag it to the street and pump up low tires. I want this just for the convenience.

GOOLOO 300 PSI Air Compressor which is the ideal to inflate flat tires ensures you have a safe driving since you never know what is on the road.

This Car Air Compressor/Tire Inflator works well after connecting to Jump Starter equipped with various power adapters.


  • 12V DC outlet powered, Max pressure 300 Psi .
  • Built-in air pressure gauge to ensure that you inflate the tire to the correct pressure requirement for your tire.
  • 3 Nozzle Adapters, Will inflate tires on cars, SUV, RV, Bicycles, Motorcycles and even be used to inflate low pressure inflatables.
  • Inflates standard tire in 8 minutes.

It’s vital to your safety

Low pressure tires are dangerous and this tire pump can prevent you from avoiding an accident.


GOOLOO tire pump comes with 3 nozzle adaptors , which makes it perfect for 12v cars, bikes, motorcycles, RV, SUV, ATV. Also, sports equipment and inflatables adaptors included.

Compact size for easy storage

Designed small, it can easily be held with one hand. It really doesn’t take up any space at all and can easily be stored in places such as a glovebox or under a car seat.

It’s a great companion to have with you on the road, on a trip, or vacation.

Longer Power Cord

The 10 feet power cord that connects into the cigarette lighter ensures you can easily connect the tire inflator with all four tires on your vehicle. Never be bothered again by those car air compressors that struggle to reach the back tires!

Easy to press the valve!

Easy to Use

Simply plug into a car cigarette lighter plug, start inflating and turn off the unit manually once the desired pressure has been reached. The Easy-to-press valve also makes the process faster so as not to release too much air from the tire when removing the air hose.


It’s better to cool it down for 10 minutes after continuous working for 10 minutes.